Why Roatán East?

Tyller's Adventures are not cookie cutter, tightly scheduled, time limited affairs.
Your group can decide where you want to explore & how long you want to enjoy!

Blue Rock

Where can Roatán East take me?

Tyller's Adventures specializes in the East End of Roatán, from Caribe Pointe on the south side of the island to Punta Gorda on the north & all the Mangroves in between, including Port Royal, Camp Bay, Santa Helena, & even Morat!
Advanced notice & weather permitting Tyller's Adventures can include all of Roatán plus trips to any of the other Bay Islands - Guanaja, Utila, Cayos Cochinos - for the day or longer.

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Come Bask in the Fun...

& Dive into the Sea!


Because asking IS getting!

Tyller's Adventures make it happen. From Locations to Accommodations, from Activities to Refreshments, let us know what you are looking for & we'll take care of the rest.

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So, tell us what you want -
what you really, really want....